Dear DG Loretta,
A few weeks ago, the Rotary Club of Sopocachi visited the Boys Orphanage of Viacha (La Paz, Bolivia) on behalf of the Rotary Club of Templeton.  The purpose of the visit was to explore a future vocational program at their facility.
While Rotarians met with orphanage staff, the kids needed to be supervised.  How to accomplish this? Well... what occurred and the picture we share with you below is to date the most heartwarming Rotary experience I have encountered!  
It's a simple project, it didn't take a huge budget or much club discussion. Doubt that it will be seen as a major club accomplishment or make it into the Rotarian. All it took was a few dollars and unnamed Rotaractors to join in and not only provide, but serve kids -that have little in life- a fabulous lunch.  A lunch that they are unaccustomed to; new, fresh and fun!  A few minutes' break from their routine in an orphanage where they will spend their days until they turn 18.
I believe this project is the personification of Rotarian grace at workHere's the picture. It says it all.