On a busy street near downtown, there is a girls' orphanage struggling to make ends meet.  About 60 girls live there, ages 5 to 17, some orphaned, some abandoned.  They are in desperate need of our help!
Rotary Club of Templeton members visited this orphanage and found that their food budget for feeding the girls was about 2 cents per meal... yes, 2 cents per child, per meal!
The Rotary Club of Cochabamba has partnered with us to make a difference in the lives of these girls. Recently they visited taking much needed food and toys. The pictures below tell the story of their plight:

And their ingredients supply...

Vocational Bakery
The project begins with the purchase  of bakery equipment to produce bread and pastries at commercial quality and quantity.  An order is already in place for the bakery to produce bread to other orphanages in the Cochabamba area.  The income from this order will generate enough revenue to make the bakery self sufficient and give much needed funding to the orphanage.
Once the bakery is operational, the daily process of baking will become a Vocational Bakery Program.  This program will  teach older girls living at the orphanage marketable employment skills. By the age of 18 girls age-out of the home face the reality of adulthood and self-reliance.  This project will empower them to seek employment with skill sets they would otherwise not have.
Bakery Storefront
The orphanage is on a busy street.  The corner room of their campus is situated perfectly to serve as a coffee shop and bakery. This project will facilitate access to street and pedestrian traffic so that freshly made bread, pastries and beverages can be sold to the general public.  It will look and feel much like a Starbucks here in the States. 
There are numerous young women who have left the orphanage and are attending college or attempting to find independent living.  These young women live in a dorm/apartment complex where they pay a minimal rent for their stay.  This storefront is a huge boost for them! The storefront will not only serve as an additional vocational program, but will also provide vital employment opportunities for the young women at the dorm.  Their work will give each of them income, as well as work experience in retail sales, customer and food service, restaurant operations, inventory control, hospitality and entrepreneurship potential.
The ultimate goal of this project is to facilitate two vocational programs.
The bakery and the storefront programs will:
- Teach marketable skills before girls turn 18 years old
- Give employment income as they continue their studies
- Provide entrepreneurial opportunities with their time and money
- Build self esteem through personal financial independence
How can you help...
A Rotary Global Grant is in process to make this $35,000 plan a reality.  We thank the following clubs for their support:
You too can make a difference in the lives of these wonderful, fragile lives.
Checks are also welcome by mail:
Rotary Club of Templeton Foundation
PO BOX 1496
Templeton, CA 93465
For additional information, or to partner with this project, please contact
Team Leader Georgia Vreeken at:
Thank you for your support!