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Medical Supplies for Celaya, Mexico

The Rotary Club of Celaya has a dispensary of medical supplies for the impoverished in their area.  They supply wheel chairs, hospital beds, walkers, prostheses, braces and most every kind of reusable medical supplies at little or no cost to the patient or family.
The Rotary Club of Templeton is collecting usable medical supplies for this very worthwhile Rotary project.  Most of us have a brace or crutch we can part with.  If you don't, next time you're at the pharmacy, consider purchasing a wrist brace (for example) and send it on over to us.  It's a simple and inexpensive way to make a difference in someone's life!
Our project needs partners:
Storage Space - We currently rent a storage space at $110/month.  If you could assist with sponsoring a month or two... or twelve, thank you!  If you have a barn or available storage area, that would work also.
Moving Van - As soon as we have sufficient supplies, we will need a moving van (12 ft or larger) to transport the supplies to San Diego, CA.  In San Diego, the supplies will be transferred to a transport truck for the rest of the journey into Mexico.  If you can help us with the use of a truck, please let us know.  Be assured, the truck will be driven by responsible licensed/insured drivers and it will not leave CA.
Gas Expense - Many of us have the desire to help, but we just don't have the time.  We will need gas money for the truck.  We welcome pre-paid VISA cards in any amount to purchase gas along the way.
We invite additional Rotary clubs to partner with RC/Templeton to assist as they are able. Come aboard!
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Templeton 4th of July Parade - Happy Days Still Exists!

Come enjoy a fabulous day of fun and patriotism at the Templeton 4th of July Parade.
We have a booth with food and drink waiting for you!
Crocker at 5th, across the street from firehouse.
Parade starts at 10am
​For details contact Team leader Roland Snow at:
For you Happy Days Show fans, here's a bit of trivia: Pinky and her TV sister Leather's name Tuscadero was taken from the real-life town of... Atascadero!
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We volunteer regularly to keep our town clean and beautiful.
Las Tablas at 101 looking towards Twin Cities Hospital.  How clean is that...?
Here's a perfect opportunity to serve the local community.
It's local, it's quick, it's hands on service with a onetime commitment. 
We meet occasionally on Saturday mornings, enjoy a cup of coffee...
Some of us even splurge on a donut!
​Once we've enjoyed our nutritious breakfast, we clean-up the best we can.
It really is a lot of fun!
To be part of this great community effort contact Team Leader Frank Walsh at:
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Guatemala is a country plagued by many of the social problems that accompany extreme injustice and marginalization.
54% of the country lives in poverty; land inequality is the highest in the region; and the literacy rate is a mere 69%. This impoverished society lives in overpopulated, inadequate homes, depriving them of a foundation with which to improve their lives.
Since it was founded in 1979, Habitat for Humanity Guatemala (HFHG) has worked to empower these underserved communities. The Rotary Club of Templeton has partnered with the Atascadero and Paso Robles Sunrise clubs to assist HFHG with housing solutions in Guatemala through the construction of housing colonies.
The colonies are intended to provide holistic living condition improvements for the benefit of families. In addition to providing secure housing and land rights, the colonies stimulate community networks and cultivate social capital.
Pictured is a dump site in Guatemala.  People searching for valuable scraps... and a woman bathes.
Public spaces are an integral part of fostering the united sensibility necessary for community development, and funding for a Children´s Park has been possible by local Rotary clubs (Templeton, Atascadero, Paso Robles Sunrise). A Rotary Team is also being formed to travel to assist with the construction of a much-needed Children's Safe Zone.
The travel date for this project is tentatively set for January 21-28, 2015.
Additional Rotary Clubs are encouraged to partner with this great project!
For more information contact Team Leader Nancy Fiske at:
Thank you for your support!
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